My day at polling booth.

Being in the poll duty whole day is a very boring task, unless you have some entertaining voters with their unusual reactions and behaviour. Here is what I got this election while doing my duty at one of the polling booths.

There was this lady who came without any sort of identity proof, and she was not allowed to vote. So obviously she had the shock of her life (looked so at least to me from her following utterences) and went on to remark aloud,” What!! No voting without identity proof! My trip to poling booth is in vain then. And my vote worth one lac is gone (one lac!! Oh my god. Which party could this be this foolish?). ” And she is off after swearing at the party volunteers who brought her from her home.

Then comes a guy who cannot find his name in the voters’ list. So to vent his anger, he goes on to blame all the election commission and the people connected with it. Blaming the system he says,” Even if I don’t  live in this constituency any more, my name shouldn’t have been removed. How could they? (Election Commission should have taken his permission. ) My name cannot be removed until I die. This is it. I have no faith in the system. Hence, till i live, i am not going to climb the  steps of a polling booth. Never, ever..ever! ” (This guy obviously thought he may move to any place in India but his name would not be removed. He did not feel it his duty to file a form with the election department to shift his name to his new constituency. Educated illiterate he was!

Then comes the star of the day who demands media attention. In comes Osman Mir, who has shot to fame after singing ‘man mor bani thanganat kare’ in  Sanjay Bhansali’s hit film ‘ Raam Leela’. I showed him his booth among the three booths, he quietly went to vote without any clamour or showoff.  He returned and exited as quietly as his arrival. Fifteen minutes passed and then came a journalist along with her video camera guy. Knowing that Osman Mir has already left didn’t disappoint them. She called Osman Mir back to the booth (googled his number maybe) ; held a dummy voting in the booth; the singer smilingly came out flashing his inked finger. The local channel head must have been pleased with the lady’s footage.

After 05:45 pm, some voters still came in a great hurry to vote. They looked like people who arrive late to a cinema house after the film has begun. (May be they were busy watching IPL 7 ‘s highlights).

I cannot imagine how dull my day would have been in absence of such colourful people.

Long live democracy.


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