My Encounter With Lord Krishna


Triveni (meeting place of three rivers) , Prabhas Patan, Somnath, Gujarat

They say if you wish something truly from the bottom of your heart, the whole universe helps you in achieving it.

Before a fortnight, some of my friends were discussing books on Krishna. We talked about which books involving Lord Krishna were read. One particular book called ‘ Krushnayan ‘ soon became the centre of discussion. Everyone except I had read it. At once, I decided to buy it.

On the same day, I found myself watching ‘ Asmitaparv ‘ organized by Shree Morarji bapu at Mahuva, Bhavnagar. It is organized with a view to celebrating the writers and artists annually. It had a full one day on Lord Krishna and books written on him.

After a week, I noticed a book fair on my way to home. I don’t know why I suddenly stopped , went into the fair (as if I was being dragged!) .  Only five minutes later, I was standing at the counter paying the bill for the ‘ Krushnayan ‘ . I had no idea what compelled me to do that. Something happens on their own I guess.

I found out the book was a novel which was centred on Lord Krishna’s state of mind during his last moments of mortal life. He was cursed by Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas, to die a lonely death. So his fate takes him to Somnath. He has to witness the annihilation of his Yadav clan in a nearby jungle. The Lord while sitting under a tree is shot by a hunter with an arrow. The Lord Krishna walks towards the Triveni ( the meeting point of three rivers Kapila, Hiran, Saraswati near Somnath, seen in the image above) at Prabhas Patan and there under a tree leaves this mortal world.

The second day after buying the book, a maternal uncle called and invited my family to go to the Triveni, Prabhas Patan to perform a pooja. This is the place where people perform poojas to liberate their forefathers’ soul by bathing in the Triveni rivers.

I was wonderstruck the moment I was  invited. I guess all these successive things happened separately on their own but they all set me on a single path, the end of the road was Lord Krishna. I could see him in every place.

I still refuse to consider all these happenings as coincidences.

Jai Shree Krishna .


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