Modi wave, Congress’ blunder, AAP’s backfire ..

Modi Wave , UPA’s Blunder, AAP’s Backfire

The verdict is out. The people of India have chosen their Prime Minister. It is a historic win for the BJP achieving majority mark on its own and removing any need for alliances. All the credit must go to the PM candidate Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi. He held rallies all over India and tirelessly worked longer than any of its opposition party leaders in PM race. When the Congress started their poll campaign, Modi had already completed half of his campaign. He stitched up alliances where the BJP was not strong or was not present at all. He sold to the people of India the dream of development and people bought it. This is not enough. There are other reasons too.

The UPA government is also one of the reasons behind Modi’s thumping victory. There are many things that they did wrong but their biggest blunder is not declaring anyone as their PM candidate for the General Elections. They were so scared this time due to their own performance that they left it unclear till the end as to who should be the PM candidate. If a party that has been ruling the nation for ten years, cannot declare a candidate for PM, why would people trust them. The UPA was like a ship without the captain, on  a pointless journey. Their campaign was spearheaded by Rahul Gandhi but he was not declared as the candidate for PM. Every senior leader promoted him and considered him the right candidate willingly or unwillingly. As a result , the campaign looked like one horse driven by many drivers and never a specific one. Rahul Gandhi most of the time led the campaign but he never looked 100% committed. His experiment of primaries to select candidates in some constituencies failed miserably because it did not go down well with the senior leaders. Senior leaders looked reluctant to fight elections under an incompetent leader. Dr. Manmohan Singh is no where to be seen throughout the poll exercise.

The regional parties in Uttar Pradesh were the most dumbstruck when they were reduced to a small dot on the map. Mayawati, despite getting the second largest share of vote, could not win a single seat. All BSP candidates have stood second on 34 seats. This political massacre happened largely due to their own hate politics. Hurling communal abuse and political venom at Modi was a common instrument of all. People of UP say that ‘gundaraj’ has been prevalent in the state irrespective of the regional party, and hence they voted for Modi’s vision of development.

Nobody is surprised when Aam Aadmi Party won just four seats. Most of the candidates’ deposit was forfeited. The party entered the political arena with all the right aims but soon lost its direction in policy making. Suspending Delhi government was the last nail in their coffin of big dream. Arvind Kejriwal’s failure could be predicted the day he decided to fight the election against Narendra Modi from Varanasi. It was meaningless as he came to politics to fight against corruption. Modi has no corruption charges against him. If he really intended to remove corruption, he should have stood against any Cabinet Minister of the UPA, or the Gandhis ; they were the leaders under whom scams happened ; people were most discontent with them. Kejriwal’s fight against corruption had been justified if he defeated any of the Congress leaders. India needs people like Kejriwal in the Parliament, not on the streets.

Now that the mandate of the people is with the BJP, we have to wait and observe how they fare in these five years. Expecting Narendra Modi to transform a nation of 1.21 crore people would be foolishness on our part.

Let the new era begin.

Googly: Had Pranab Mukherjee been the Prime Minister in 2004, the BJP would be rubbing their hands in disappointment today.

18th May, 2014


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