An Alien’s misAdventure


In a parallel world, aliens do exist and we all are damn sure about it. We have proof in our Hollywood and Bollywood films. This is the adventure of the alien named ‘Jadoo’ who got his name from his grandfather of the same name; we know his grandfather as he had featured in Hritik Roshan’s film ‘Koi Mil Gaya’. Having heard a lot about Bollywood, Mumbai and Preity Zinta’s eternal beauty in form of bedtime stories from his grandpa, he set out to visit Mumbai. But being slightly inexperienced in navigating a spaceship, he lost the right direction and landed in Modi’s Gujarat, to be precise on the outskirts of Rajkot.

Having the power to assume the form of a human being, Jadoo used it and turned himself into a grown man. He hid his spaceship behind the Khandheri International Cricket stadium that is on the highway, took out a motorcycle from the ship and started towards the city.

On entering the city, Jadoo got the first shocker. He was stopped by a man with big belly and dressed in white and khaki uniform whistling and waving his stick frantically at him. He said he was a policeman. Jadoo was asked to show his license and PUC certificate. Having none of them, he was asked to pay fine of Rs. 100 (Then he settled for Rs. 50 somehow). On getting the ticket, he read the city’s name and realized he was not in the Bollywood but the Dholywood (His grandpa has obviously told him a lot about film industry outside Bollywood too).  Instead of being disappointed, he decided to explore this new land.

He drove on the Ring road and came across the most adventurous drive. He could not understand why other vehicles drivers were honking loudly and overtaking him from both sides (Some of them honked in tune like good musicians). He observed some young men and  women with wires attached to their ears and driving as if they were zombies from Hollywood films, not paying attention to vehicles around them at all. He thanked his wisdom a hundred times for wearing a helmet. Then he saw a strange three-wheeled wonder. It was yellow and black in colour. It was playing very loud music and moved ahead in a zigzag manner. Suddenly, its driver flashed his right foot outside the vehicle, instantly turned right and disappeared into the traffic. Jadoo guessed that vehicle used music as fuel; the louder the music played, the faster the vehicle moved.

Couple of times Jadoo came across strange creatures that walked on four legs, right on the roads. They even sat on roads among the traffic. He even had to drive wildly when a small four legged animal ran after him barking angrily; almost had his foot on its mouth.


Jadoo stopped in front of a large building with glass doors and big banners of humans hung on the walls. He saw large number of people moving in and out of it. He moved along with the crowd and went in. He soon found himself into a dark hall with seats and in front big screen flashed images of dancers. He suddenly knew this was a cinema hall and this was what he was looking for. He took an empty seat and started enjoying the film. The man on the screen reminded him of his neighbouring planet’s much known guy called Superman. After fifteen minutes, his neighbouring person bent down and released some liquid from his mouth into the darkness below seats but it fell on Jadoo’s feet. Having read about the acid attacks on people through Google news, he was struck with fear, and to save his life he ran out of the hall. When he was at a safe distance, he checked his feet. It did not hurt but only that his shoes had turned red in colour. His fear was gone when he saw many people throwing red liquid on the roads everywhere. Perhaps this was a traditional thing, he thought.

Being in the human form, he felt the inescapable urge to visit the loo. He looked around in search of a public urinal but did not find any (as is the case with most of human beings). Jadoo moved ahead on in the search at the same time trying his best to hold his bladders. Just then a huge vehicle came out of nowhere in front of his vehicle. He was about to collide and before he could do anything, a beam of light fell on him from the sky.

Jadoo found himself outside his home and an angry mother (who had four hands) staring sternly at him.


Image: Wikipedi, Google




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