The Buddhist Caves of Khambhalida, Gujarat


It is a hot trend among the people of Gujarat to spend their vacation period outside the country. Some of the favourite destinations are Malaysia, Bangkok, Bhutan, Nepal, the Maldives and Dubai.

Most people go to these places out of making others jealous rather than exploring new places culturally mostly.

Gujarat has got many places that still remain out of peoples’ attention. Gujarat also boasts of archaeological sites which take us back to ancient times. One such place is located right into the heart of the Saurashtra region, the Khambhalida Caves. They are at a 70 km distance from Rajkot city near Virpur in Gondal. They are situated just 8 km off the National Highway 8B. You can reach there by car, bus or any two-wheeler as it has got well built tar roads right up to it.


There are three Buddhist caves. Their origin dates back to 4th – 5th century AD. The caves are carved or scooped out from a big limestone rock.


Out of the three caves, the central cave is called ‘Chaitya’ which has got a worn out stupa (pillar). The entrance of the central cave has got two big sculptures of the Bodhisatvas – Padmapani on the right and Vajrapani on the left (see the picture below).


source :

The caves are not very spacious enough for a large group. We can suppose only a small group of the Buddhist monks lived in these caves.

cavecentral cave



On the way to caves, you also come across the Khodaldham temple that is being built on a very high scale. It is the place of faith for the people of Leuva Patel community all over Gujarat. It is going to be one of the biggest temples of Gujarat.


Have a happy vacation.








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