Monsoon is back. Take out your boats.


Everything is a boon or bane in itself depending on your situation. Take the case of monsoon which is a very very vital season for the farmers of India. If we have a ‘happy monsoon’, the farmers and property owners are elated, but the municipal bodies across the nation have hard time hiding the potholes and waterlogged areas of the city that expose the sweet smell of corruption at the very first rainfall. If there is less or delayed rainfall, the farmer prepares to do a ‘dharna’ threatening to commit suicide. On the contrary, the political and governing babus are happy on the prospect of crores of financial help being announced by Netas, daydreaming in advance of opening an account in one of the Swiss banks. 

So what is in the store for the citizens like you and i? Well, there is a lot. If your financial situation is sound enough to buy yourself a  small boat, you will certainly forget going to Venice ever, as your city turns into an Indian Venice after every small amount of rainfall. You can also save a big amount on your petrol bill if you go to office in one of the boats. Even better if you can boat-pool just like a carpool. If you are an opportunist, you could float a boat lending business at a particular chowk which is definitely going to turn into a swimming pool. 
In case, the monsoon decides to bunk its routine and take a break, we are certainly at loss. You are left at your own misery by the government. The mai baap ki sarkar declares the financial help which you will have trouble deciding how many zeros that sum includes. Still there is a silver lining in the not so dark clouds. You can start selling pictures of the rainfall that promise visual relief to the thirsty eyes of the people at large. Or you can order a ‘turn your urine into drinkable water’ machine from e-commerce and resell it to the local ignorant public at a higher rate. There is always the possibility of selling water in plastic bags. 
We are opportunists. We believe in jugaad. That is how India survives every damn year despite life threatening threats from political pandemonium as reported by news channels. 
‘Good days’ is obviously a state of mind. 

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