Are we educated?

Whenever I look at the two-legged creatures around me, my observations raise some question like ‘Are we really educated?’ , ‘ Are we really in the 21st century that is celebrated as the most scientific time of  the man’s history on the earth?’ .

If today’s education was any helpful, why would we as a society indulge in the same old malpractices?

Why do we not think a single time before throwing waste on the road or outside the house?

Why do people still stand outside a counter forming the letter ‘Q’ instead of queue?

Why do we still talk on our mobile phone in voice so high that even the neighbour could awaken from his sleep?

Why do our public urinals (rare to find when badly needed!) still look as if they were built only for the purpose of writing abuses on the walls? All the side streets are treated as public urinals just after evening.

Why do we still tarnish temple walls with writings on them?

Why do we burn down public properties in times of riots or protests?

Why do  people still indulge in hurling vulgar remarks at movie scenes in cinema houses ?

Why do we pick fights at slightest touch of vehicles on the roads?

Why do our fairs look the dumping zones of plastic and all sorts waste when it is over?

Why do girls still face verbal and physical harassment in public transport?

Why are we still considered the unruly Indians ?

If it is education that removes such nonsense from our lives, then we are not educated yet.

Instead of learning a,b,c,d of particular subjects, we need lessons of manner in school syllabus.